How Pinterest Ninja Exploded My Traffic | Review

As bloggers, we all want to drive traffic to our blogs and increase our page views to (hopefully) monetize our blogs and get some money rolling in.

SEO is high on the list of ways to do that, but so is utilizing social media.

When it comes to social media, the options are pretty endless. You can increase your traffic by using Facebook groups, tweeting your latest blog post, or sharing a cute photo on Instagram. While I absolutely love sharing my content with Facebook groups, my favorite way to drive traffic to my blog is by using Pinterest.

If you've been blogging for a while, you've probably heard a million times that Pinterest isn't just a form of social media – it's a search engine. While you may have grown tired of having that point hammered home, it's 100% true and you'd be nuts to not utilize it!

Up until I launched my blog this past May, I had only really used Pinterest on a consumer level. It was my go-to when I wanted to find a tasty new recipe, inspo for a new hairstyle, and I even used it to help me get started as a freelancer.

I had no idea how to use Pinterest to grow a following or how to create appealing graphics that encouraged click-throughs and repins. But, I knew I needed to learn and I needed to learn fast if I wanted my blog to get off the ground.

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Enter, Pinterest Ninja

In one of the Facebook groups I joined, I was introduced to Pinterest Ninja and I was immediately intrigued. If you haven't heard of Pinterest Ninja, it's an eBook created by Megan Johnson of that teaches pretty much everything you could ever want or need to know about Pinterest.

Pinterest Ninja was a complete game-changer for my Pinterest account, which is why I wanted to share it with you. If you're struggling with Pinterest, Pinterest Ninja will teach you how to make Pinterest work FOR you. But that's not to say Pinterest Ninja is only for beginner pinners!

When you invest in Pinterest Ninja you'll learn how to:

  • Set up your Pinterest as a business account
  • Claim your website and enable rich pins to encourage repins
  • Use Pinterest Group Boards and how to start and grow your own Group Board + a list of 367 Pinterest Group boards open to contributors
  • Understand Pinterest Analytics to find your highest performing pins and boards
  • Expand your reach
  • Optimize your profile, pins, and boards for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using keywords
  • Find trending keywords and search Pinterest for blog topic ideas
  • Understand the ever-changing Pinterest Algorithm
  • Grow an organic following and expand your reach
  • Convert repins into website clicks
  • Create manual and automated pinning strategies that work
  • Create the perfect pin to encourage repins and website clicks
  • Monetize your blog with Pinterest
  • Create a passive income stream without writing a blog post
  • Brand your content and carry it through your social media channels

And that's seriously just a small portion of everything you'll learn with Pinterest Ninja! There are a ton of freebies that come with the course, too! A list of Facebook groups organized by blogging niche, video tutorials, a list of affiliates, and more. You can see everything the eBook offers here.

How Pinterest Ninja Exploded My Traffic

Okay, so just to give you an idea of how Pinterest Ninja helped me grow my Pinterest account and drive traffic to The Quiet Type, here's a breakdown of my analytics.

I launched The Quiet Type on May 14th, 2018 and that's when I started to create my own pins. The graphic below shows how my monthly Pinterest views continued to climb steadily from May to July (the day I'm writing this is July 9th). In just one month, I DOUBLED my Pinterest views/reach! In June, I reached 78,000 monthly views.

As you can see, they've dipped slightly since then. I'm not too concerned about this for a couple of reasons:

  1. This seems to be a trend for most people since there have been so many changes to Pinterest over the last couple of months.
  2. I went MIA for about a week and my Tailwind queue was empty because I didn't have access to my computer or the internet. That meant how much I was pinning decreased drastically.

My followers have also increased drastically since May. To give you an idea, this is my follower growth just for the past month courtesy of Tailwind:

And just for good measure, here's pin performance from my blog for the last month, courtesy of Tailwind:

My Pinterest profile is by no means on the same level as some other bloggers, but I think it definitely has potential. I'm confident that if I continue to utilize what I learned from Pinterest Ninja and through Megan's thoughtful updates, it will continue to grow.

So, if I could recommend only two Pinterest resources to grow your Pinterest, drive traffic, and increase blog page views they would hands-down be Pinterest Ninja and Tailwind.

No joke, Pinterest Ninja and Tailwind are the Pinterest dream team!

Pinterest Ninja taught me everything I needed to know about creating an automated pinning schedule, too. Tailwind lets me pin all my content to my group boards, tribes, and personal boards with just a few clicks. Plus, who can say no to scheduling all their pins way in advance??

Psst! Wanna try Tailwind for free? Get it here!

Okay, that was a lot of information. Let's recap, shall we?

What I love about Pinterest Ninja:

  • Megan updates the course to reflect any changes in the Pinterest algorithm, and you get every update FREE FOR LIFE! That makes it worth the investment all by itself!
  • The guide is totally comprehensive and so jam-packed with info that anyone from a Pinterest newbie to a seasoned pinner will learn something.
  • There are video tutorials to walk you through each step for most of the lessons, so it's great for visual learners
  • You get tips on creating click-worthy pins: Font pairings, pin sizes, photo ideas + where to find great stock images!
  • Megan is super helpful! If you have a question regarding the eBook or Pinterest in general, she's your go-to! Whether it's a Facebook message or an email she's always super quick to respond.

I 100% think this eBook is worth every penny, especially since you get a ton of freebies and every. single. update. EVER.

Regardless of whether or not you invest in Pinterest Ninja, you should definitely check out the Pinterest Ninja Facebook Group! It's one of my favorite Facebook groups because everyone is so helpful and it's a great place to ask questions.

By Katie Jenison

Katie Jenison is a freelance writer offering copywriting, blogging, and ghostwriting services. She works closely with home builders, remodelers, interior designers, real estate and property management professionals to help them create content marketing strategies, improve their digital presence, generate leads, and engage with their target audience. Katie also helps freelance writers and creative entrepreneurs pursue their dreams of working from home by providing tips and advice, business strategies, and writing tips on her blog, The Quiet Type. Download her free workbook, A Freelancer’s Guide to Setting Rates, here.

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    1. Hi Teri!

      This post wasn’t sponsored, though I am an affiliate for Pinterest Ninja. Since reading Pinterest Ninja and keeping up with the updated versions Megan sends to those who have purchased, I’ve been able to leverage Pinterest to grow my blog much quicker than I imagined. I don’t think I would have nearly the same amount of traffic without Pinterest/Pinterest Ninja which is why I wrote this blog post. Thanks for asking and I hope that helps!


  1. I’m so glad I came across your post! I’m now seriously thinking of buying courses so I can better improve the reach of my blog. And yeah, I agree that Pinterest helps a lot! But I really think I need to step it up. Thank you for your honest review of Pinterest Ninja. I’ve been hearing about this one for the longest time. And I was thinking that maybe it’s just being hyped or something. Your post definitely helped. Thank you!

  2. Megan does seeem so down to earth and truly wanting to help other bloggers. I am thinking of buying the course–but it is still hard for me to invest into my blog…

    1. I totally know how you feel! I wavered on buying her course for so long but as I got closer to launching my blog, I decided to go for it and I’m happy that I did. I was able to get pretty decent traffic to my blog from the start, which was something I wasn’t sure I would be able to do. It definitely helps knowing how to optimize my Pinterest profile and create pins that are converting to clicks.

    1. I read it over a couple of days but I think reading it slowly and going through the content bit by bit rather than all at once helps. There’s so much information! My Pinterest has continued to grow, too. I had that large dip in Pinterest when I posted this review but I’m over 80k monthly views now!


    I will have to look into that! looks very interesting! I am still wrapping my head around Pinterest for my blog so any extra help would be great!

    1. It made a world of difference for me. It’s like a vault of information that keeps growing as things change, since you get the free updates. I don’t think you would be disappointed if you decided to invest!

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