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I've been a big fan of Elna Cain since I first started thinking about becoming a freelance writer. Her blog has continued to be one of my go-to resources now that I've been freelancing for years.

When Elna reached out to me about becoming a contributing guest post writer on Freelancer FAQs, I was so surprised and delighted! And, of course, I said yes! In June, I contributed my first three guest posts to Freelancer FAQs.

Scroll below for the full roundup, and be sure to check them out in their entirety on the Freelancer FAQs website.

So You Have a Freelance Website, Now What?

Everybody and their mother will tell you just how important it is to have a freelance website and portfolio. It's touted as one of the must-have tools for any freelancer, whether you're a writer, graphic designer, etc. But, what comes next? The truth is, there's a lot more work to be done!

This guest post covers what the next steps are after creating a freelance website and portfolio. Check it out to learn tips that will help you promote your website and services so you can start attracting high-quality freelance clients.

Read “So You Have a Freelance Website, Now What?” here.

How Do I Set Up My Business For Freelance Work From Home?

As a freelancer, you're 100% responsible for running your business. With limited time in the day, it's important that your business operations run as smoothly as possible. Having systems and processes lined up from the get-go is a must! But, what kind of processes should you develop and line up?

This guest post outlines seven of the most common systems for helping your business run more efficiently, and in some cases, automatically. Click the link below to check them out so that you can free up more time to focus on the money-making aspects of your business.

Read “How Do I Set Up My Business For Freelance Work From Home?” here.

How Do I Cold Email for a Job?

If the thought of cold emailing potential clients makes you cringe, please know you're not alone! Cold emailing can definitely be nerve-wracking, especially for newbies. But, here's the thing: it's the single most effective way to build up a client base.

This guest post outlines how to send a cold email pitch that stands out and even includes a basic template to follow when writing your pitch. Click the link below for all my best tips on writing client-winning emails so you can start making money as a freelancer.

Read “How Do I Cold Email for a Job” here.

Huge thank you to Elna for inviting me to be a contributing guest post writer. I love sharing what I've learned about freelancing — it's why I started The Quiet Type — and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share it with a wider audience. I hope to contribute more posts to Freelancer FAQs in the future, so keep an eye on my contributor's page!

Are there any questions about freelancing you'd like to have answered? Let me know in the comments or send me an email.

By Katie Jenison

Katie Jenison is a freelance writer offering copywriting, blogging, and ghostwriting services. She works closely with home builders, remodelers, interior designers, real estate and property management professionals to help them create content marketing strategies, improve their digital presence, generate leads, and engage with their target audience. Katie also helps freelance writers and creative entrepreneurs pursue their dreams of working from home by providing tips and advice, business strategies, and writing tips on her blog, The Quiet Type. Download her free workbook, A Freelancer’s Guide to Setting Rates, here.

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