How to Create Trust in Your Business

create trust in your business

Creating trust in your freelance business is essential if you want to get consistent business. You need clients to see you as trustworthy and reliable so that they choose your business when they need services like the ones you offer.

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But how do you get people to trust you, especially if you're a relatively new freelancer? You need to be able to demonstrate that you will deliver on the things that you promise and that your services are worth paying for.

If you're not sure where to start, take a look at the steps below to learn how to create trust in your business and brand.

4 Ways to Create Trust in Your Business

There are a lot of ways you can build credibility — even as a new freelancer. Does it take time? Absolutely. Luckily, there are some easy strategies you can use to create trust in your business and your skills as a freelancer, including:

  1. Become a member of a professional group
  2. Share reviews and testimonials
  3. Gain qualifications
  4. Follow through on promises

Let's jump into each of these in more detail.

1. Become a Member of a Professional Group

Making yourself and your business appear more official and professional can help you to get more work. If potential clients see that you are a member of a professional body or regulatory group, it can help to show that you are a legitimate business and can be taken seriously.

There could be various different options available for professionals in your industry. Some of them will come with certain benefits of membership too, such as insurance or legal help if you ever need it. When you're a member, make sure you display your membership in relevant places on your business website.

If you're not sure where to start, check out your local Chamber of Commerce. They often hold weekly networking groups, and you can usually attend the first one as a guest to see if it's for you.

2. Share Reviews and Testimonials

People will always pay attention to the opinions of others when looking for goods and services. You can create trust in your business by showing that current and previous clients have good things to say about how you have helped them.

By displaying reviews and testimonials on your website, you can make it clear that you have satisfied clients. Once you've finished a project for a client, ask them for feedback. They can leave a review via your Google Business Profile or a plugin on your website. You can also ask your top clients to write a line or two that you can use as a testimonial on your website, social media, marketing materials, and in other content.

3. Gain Qualifications

Being able to display official qualifications and certifications can be a good way to attract clients and show that you're trustworthy. It's a confirmation of your skills, so people don't have to just take your word for it.

For example, if you can show that you have a coaching certification that demonstrates your knowledge of health and wellness, it's better than simply just asking clients to trust you with less evidence.

Even if you already have some qualifications, it can be useful to explore what options are available and expand your skills and knowledge. There are many free courses you can take to bolster your skills. HubSpot, Google, and websites like Skillshare and Udemy are great places to start.

4. Follow Through on Promises

If you want to create trust, you need to make sure that you follow through on anything that you promise your clients. If you let them down, it's going to be difficult for them to trust you again.

Of course, there are times when things might not go to plan. But being able to communicate openly and come up with the right solutions can go a long way even when something goes wrong. Showing that you do your best to fulfill your promises is important.

You can create trust in your business and yourself by reassuring your clients and creating a professional image.

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Building Trust Takes Time

Building trust doesn't happen overnight — especially if you're just starting out. You have to earn it. Focus on building relationships with your clients, meeting deliverables, and providing value for your clients and prospects.

There you have it: 4 tips to create trust in your business. If you enjoyed this article, you may also want to check out these articles on how to create a professional website and how to grow your online business faster.

By Katie Jenison

Katie Jenison is a freelance writer offering copywriting, blogging, and ghostwriting services. She works closely with home builders, remodelers, interior designers, real estate and property management professionals to help them create content marketing strategies, improve their digital presence, generate leads, and engage with their target audience. Katie also helps freelance writers and creative entrepreneurs pursue their dreams of working from home by providing tips and advice, business strategies, and writing tips on her blog, The Quiet Type. Download her free workbook, A Freelancer’s Guide to Setting Rates, here.

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